How Do I Find a Drug Treatment Center that Accepts Medicaid?

Going to a drug treatment center is usually not cheap – or free! It seems like the top searches online for drug rehab are for free drug treatment. Unfortunately, this is pretty difficult to come by. Of course there are methods of paying for drug rehab that don’t always involve cash out of your pocket. Fortunately, most drug treatment centers accept many different types of health care plans. Many people who do not have private health insurance but who do qualify for Medicaid ask how to find a drug treatment center that actually accepts Medicaid. Medicaid often covers the cost of addiction treatment so that you can get the help that you need to get sober and begin the recovery process.

Medicaid, no matter what state you are in, is only available some low-income families or individuals who fall into eligibility based on certain criteria that is set by the state. For medical care, Medicaid does not give money to the individual or family, rather, Medicaid will send payments to the doctor or in the case of drug treatment, it would be paid directly to the drug treatment facility. Of course the rules will vary by state, but based on your income, you may also be required to pay a share of cost or co-payment for the addiction treatment program.

There are two ways of going about finding a drug treatment center that accepts Medicaid. The first thing you could do is contact your local Medicaid office and speak to your caseworker. Based on the type of coverage you have, he or she should be able to tell you which drug treatment centers you should contact for addiction treatment. Alternately, and maybe even easier, you can contact the different drug treatment centers you would like to go to and ask them if they accept Medicaid.

In some instances, you may not even know that you qualify for Medicaid. Some treatment centers have very experienced staff members who are experts at navigating through the different types of insurance and may be able to help you get Medicaid coverage to get you into treatment as soon as possible. You will never know until you call and picking up the phone is the fastest and easiest way to find out if a drug treatment center accepts Medicaid.

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