How Do I Find an Alcohol Detox That Accepts Medicare?

Alcohol addiction is a growing concern throughout our nation. Unlike drugs, alcohol is legal and easy to obtain. Fortunately, alcohol detox and treatment is just as easy to find in just about every state to help those who want to get sober. Alcohol detox and treatment programs provide therapy, but they also educate those who are there on what substance abuse is, why it happens, and helps them to get to recovery by making important changes in their lives. Alcohol detox and treatment at most substance abuse treatment facilities do include individual and group counseling sessions. In some cases, medications can even be administered to assist with getting one’s addiction to alcohol under control and will help the detox symptoms be less severe.


While we all realize that not all health care plans are the same, you should know that it is always a good idea for those who need to go to alcohol detox to contact their insurance company directly to get the details of their coverage. This includes those who have Medicare. One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is “How do I find an alcohol detox that accepts Medicare?” Fortunately, that is a pretty easy thing to do. Call your Medicare insurance company and ask them directly which alcohol detox programs your policy covers.

Medicare insurance provides alcohol detox and treatment coverage, but just like any other insurance plan, there are criteria that must be met. The first stipulation is that you will be required to go to an alcohol detox treatment center which is in Medicare’s network of providers. This means you can’t just choose any alcohol treatment program. The next stipulation is that your own primary doctor will need to put it in writing that alcohol detox is “medically necessary” for your situation. When it comes to Medicare, your primary doctor will even help with arranging your alcohol treatment program.

As it pertains to alcohol detox and treatment, Medicare services that are covered may include:

•   Education on substance abuse and addiction
•   Dual Diagnosis treatment if it is considered medically necessary by your primary doctor
•   Follow up care including counseling and sober living arrangements
•   Prescription medication

If you are need to put your Medicare plan into action for alcohol detox and treatment, there are several good and licensed substance abuse treatment facilities to choose from that are in Medicare’s network. Just be sure to consult your primary care physician to help you and get the maximum amount of coverage possible to keep your out of pocket expenses as low as you can.

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