How Long Does Detox from Heroin Take?

What many people do not know is that addiction to an opiate such as heroin is actually a disorder of the central nervous system which happens due to continuous use of opiates. Using heroin for long periods of time has been known to cause the brain’s nerve cells to stop functioning in a normal way. They will stop producing natural endorphins and because the body is receiving opiates as an alternative to natural endorphins, the nerve cells begin to degenerate and become physically dependent on the drug.

When you quit using heroin suddenly, you will experience withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal can be a long, painful process and in severe cases can cause permanent damage to the central nervous and cardiopulmonary systems. If withdrawal is not medically supervised by a physician or addiction specialist, it can actually result in death for certain people. With that said, heroin detox requires the appropriate medical care to be achieved safely. Some symptoms that one may experience during the detox phase include nausea & vomiting, physical pain, tremors/shakes, excessive sweating, hallucinations, abnormal heart rhythm, extreme irritability, and possibly others.

Withdrawal symptoms from heroin is one of the main obstacles that prevents users from agreeing to detox and one of the main questions asked is how long it takes to detox from the drug. The amount of time it takes to detox from heroin will vary from person to person. It depends on how long the person has been using heroin and for how long. Each person’s genetic makeup is different, so it could be just a few days or it could be a week. The range of symptoms will vary from person to person as well, with some people’s withdrawal being much more intense and painful than another’s. There is no easy cure when it comes to getting off of heroin and of course, there is no guarantee that a relapse will not happen. A heroin addict will need a lot of support from family and friends as well as addiction experts who can help them along in the process. A few days or a week of hell to break free from the hold of heroin is certainly worth the effort. You will only realize this once you have your life back and regain a sense of normalcy once again.

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