How Long Does Detox from Suboxone Take?

If you are going through a detox, you of course have questions – especially about when it will all be over. Try not to worry. Withdrawal symptoms are typically mild, but they do not usually last much more than about a week. But certain symptoms you will experience could persist for a while longer, up to several weeks after your last use of Suboxone. Here is some additional information about detox:

Acute Withdrawal

Acute withdrawal from Suboxone during the detox period will start within a few hours of your last dose of the medication. What makes some withdrawal symptoms “acute” is that they are brief in nature, but extremely intense. And while these withdrawal symptoms of Suboxone can scare you, they are normal for some people and can be managed. Doctors and the addiction experts who manage your detox will know what exactly to do to take care of you during that time. You should detox from Suboxone in a medically supervised detox center or drug rehab for safety reasons. As you adjust to life without Suboxone, it can take up to about 10 days for an individual’s body to balance itself out and to start normal again.

In most cases, opioids should not be instantly stopped. It’s not a good idea. During detox, a qualified addiction specialist or doctor will help you to gradually wean off of the drug safely.

As each person is unique, an effective detox for you may be different than how another person is being treated. Withdrawal symptoms appear at different times for different people and the severity will also vary between individuals.

Overall, you should understand that the main symptoms of withdrawal during detox from Suboxone include:


What is good to know for someone in your position is that detox this medication is much less severe to other opiates like heroin. You can get through it and make it to the other side – to start living free from drugs or substances you are addicted to. There are many drug rehabs and detox centers that want to help you to wean off so you can truly be in recovery – and live a clean & sober lifestyle for good. Detox from Suboxone can be done even over a longer period of time with tapering off of the medication – so you have options!

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