How to Find Suboxone Doctors in Your Area

Suboxone treatment is still a rarely used method. Out of the 800,000 or more doctors’ clinics worldwide, only a little over 22,000 of those offices prescribe Suboxone. This leaves the class of addicted persons who like to try the alternative treatment slightly limited. However, help is still on the way as long as the individual knows where to find it. The following are tips on finding Suboxone doctors in the area:

Word of Mouth

Asking friends and family members who have been through the Suboxone program is a great way to get a reference rather quickly. The individual providing the information can give the interested party a live account of the successes or failures of a Suboxone program.

Primary Physician

One’s primary physician may have some information on participating Suboxone facilities and practitioners. If the primary doctor cannot provide any useful information, he or she can consider certifying to offer the drug to the patients. Once the physician certifies, the individual will be able to receive treatment from his or her doctor. Receiving help from one’s primary doctor may provide that person with a more comfortable environment to start healing.

The National Alliance of Advocates for Buprenorphine Treatment (NAAB)
The NAAB and the Department of Human Services have a delightful tool that connects addicted persons with facilities that offer Suboxone treatment. To find a facility in the area, the interested person will need to visit the appropriate web page, click on his or her state, and review the next page. The individual will be able to sort the list of providers by zip code, name and other criteria. To schedule an appointment to visit the facility, the person just has to call and request some assistance. Compassionate customer service representatives and other staff members will be more than happy to help.

Anonymous Referral Service

Some sites offer connections for addicted persons and their loved ones. These sites usually have toll free numbers the users and family members can call to ask a wide variety of questions. The person can call the number and ask a customer service rep to help find him or her the best facility for Suboxone treatment. This person will put extensive efforts into matching the person with the right clinic.

Finding a Suboxone clinic is not complicated if one has the right resources. Affected parties may call one now to receive additional information and assistance.

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